THE arrival of a new coffee shop has received split reaction from Cirencester residents with some welcoming an independent store and others questioning the need for another shop selling hot beverages.

Cotswold Artisan arrived at Bishop's Walk only last week but with at least 13 other coffee shops in the town centre already, residents and visitors appear to be spoilt for choice.

An angry outburst on Twitter, however, has suggested otherwise with some residents saying Cirencester does not need another coffee shop.

Twitter users said it was "unnecessary" and that the store would be put to better use as either a men's clothes shop, a delicatessen or a children's clothes shop.

Owners of the new Cotswold Artisan said it seems unfair that people are knocking their business before they have even started.

Husband and wife team Barry and Mandy Cook, with family friend Mark Bourne, opened the shop last week and have given many reasons as to why they deserve a chance.

"We're a specialist coffee shop," said Mandy. "We're not the same as the others. We have passion, knowledge and we know where all our coffee and other produce comes from. We are fully supporting other local businesses too."

The arrival of Cotswold Artisan is the latest new business to move into Bishop's Walk which will celebrate having no vacant units with a party in October.

Vice President of Chamber of Commerce Jonathan Davies said Cotswold Artisan's new venture proved there was still a thirst for cafes in Cirencester and it was simply good news that another vacant shop had been reopened.

"It doesn't matter that it's another coffee shop if it means an empty store is being filled," he said.

"There's clearly a demand for coffee shops in the town or why would another be opening? I think people should wait and see what this new shop has to offer."

Cotswold Artisan is fiercely competing with big coffee house chains, such as Starbucks and Costa, wanting to prove to potential customers that it has a lot to offer.

"We'll definitely be doing a loyalty card where you can collect stamps to get a free coffee," said Mandy. "We also want to do some tasting evenings too."

With the newest arrival already settled in, competition grows tougher for coffee shops in Cirencester. Which Cirencester coffee shop is your favourite? Contact



Mark Lindesay, landlord of the Golden Cross in Black Jack Street

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

"My concern would be that we've had the opening of Coffee #1 in the last eight months and lost another retail space. Just about every retail space is being turned into a coffee shop. How independent is Cotswold Artisan? These big coffee shop chains have put a lot of pressure on independent coffee shops. I tend to use Jacks if I got out for coffee."

Damien Taylor, 26, Cirencester

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

"It sounds a little bit excessive to be fair. We could do with more things for young kids to do really but if it's going to happen, then it's going to happen. I generally use Costa as it's quicker, I know the coffee is good and it's on my way to work. I think Cirencester needs a shop that stands out. The town has an abundance of coffee shops and hairdressers but something a bit different is needed. For example, it's nice to have that comic books shop."

Cassie Greenhill, 18, Cirencester Park

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

"There are quite a lot of coffee shops already in Cirencester so it seems a bit pointless to have another. I go to Costa mainly. I have a Costa card so I get points which all lead to a free coffee. Cirencester needs dress shops, I've been shopping for one today and haven't found one. We don't need another coffee shop."

Simon Bye, 40, Meysey Hampton

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

"I would like to see an artisan coffee shop and not a franchise. I like coffee. It's a bit excessive to have nearly 14, but if it's in public demand... It's finding the right balance really. We don't want to see stores empty. I'd prefer another restaurant as opposed to a coffee shop though."

Sally Middleton, 52 Cirencester (pictured with son Charlie, 7)

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

"Cafe Nero is our favourite. They serve the best vanilla milkshake which Charlie adores. We also have a loyalty card so we can build up to free drinks. The baristas are friendly too and remember us every time. The cafe next to the church allows dogs and I think it's the only one that does. I'd like more coffee shops which allow dogs. Could definitely do with a reasonably priced children's shop in town too. There isn't anywhere in the town which sells children's clothes. I have to go to Tesco."

Adam Curtin, 21, Siddington

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

"I'd normally go to Starbucks and Costa as I know I wiill get good quality. There's a lot of variety already, so another coffee shop doesn't seem like a good business choice. I'd like a Primark or something instead; an alternative clothes shop to the big expensive brands here."

Julie Townsend (The Candy Man)

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

“It’s not fair on the ones already here, we have great coffee shops like Jack’s and Keith’s. However Cirencester is lacking in children’s clothes shops”

Lynn Herbert, 48, Cirencester

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

“My favourite coffee shops in Cirencester are Jack’s and Costa but I think we already have enough. I do also think that Cirencester could do with some late opening coffee shops where you can meet your friends later in the day.”

Madelene North, 26, works in Cirencester but lives in Bristol

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard:

“I do prefer independent coffee shops but really Cirencester needs more bars!”