AFTER spending a night at the pub, a map to all the other watering holes in Cirencester might just be the last thing you need.

But, a businessman from Cirencester has come up with an ingenious device to help anybody navigate their way around every pub in town.

Jez Crook invented the definitive A-Z of Cirencester pubs after taking inspiration from the famous London Underground map.

He explained to the Standard that a company that produces similar maps of large cities refused to make one for Cirencester.

He said: “I thought it would be a good idea to do one of Cirencester as they thought it was not financially viable to do one of a small market town.

“Having lived in Cirencester all of my life and worked in a few pubs, I’ve got pretty good knowledge of where the pubs are.”

The map even has coloured route lines, such as the Watermoor line, the Waterloo line and the Somerford line, leading to a different part of town.

Jez made the maps through his Cirencester business, Line One Ltd and, so far, the demand for the maps has been phenomenal.

“The response has exceeded my expectations,” said the 48-year-old.

“My local is The Oddfellows and in one week they sold 21 copies. I’ve already contacted a few of the pubs and they are displaying the map and selling them from their premises.”

It is hoped that all the pubs featured on the map will get involved with this unique business venture.

The Pubs of Cirencester map costs £20 with a frame and £10 without and can be purchased from Wall Space in Cirencester or by calling Line One Ltd on 01285 656123.