A PENSIONER who was given a hip replacement made of materials she is allergic to says she is in constant pain because of the blunder.

Elizabeth Bowler had a hip replacement at Cheltenham General Hospital in 2007. The nickel chromate replacement caused an adverse reaction, causing serious discomfort and other health problems including blood clots and damage to her lungs.

The 75-year-old of Carpenters Lane was finally given another hip replacement in 2009 - but the new joint was made of exactly the same material.

She contacted The General Medical Council which investigated and found treatment given to Mrs Bowler was below the expected standards.

In 2010 she was given a third hip made by orthopaedics company Stryker, which she was assured was made from titanium.

However, her condition continued to worsen and in January this year was rushed to hospital with blood clots.

"I’m in constant agony," she said. "They’re doing nothing and I’m just getting more and more ill."

She said she had and been told if the replacement was taken out she would never be able to walk again.

"But taking it out is the only way they will know if the bone has rotted away," she said.

She has been forced to carry out her own research and believes that the Stryker titanium hip was coated in nickel chromate - the very material she has reacted so badly to.

Stryker have denied this.

The company could not be contacted for a comment, but in a letter to Mrs Bowler dated June 20 the company confirmed her 2010 hip replacement did not contain nickel chromate.

Mrs Bowler said she still did not have the answers she needed and, although she was due to see a surgeon in July, was fearful for the future. "I’m in so much pain I don’t know if I’m going to make it," she said. "I can’t live like this."

Cheltenham General Hospital refused to comment on Mrs Bowler's situation saying it could not comment on individual patients.