A RESIDENT’S group from Tetbury has urged Cotswold District Council not to throw in the towel over a legal challenge to stop nearly 300 homes being built on greenfield land in the town.

Last week the Standard revealed CDC was considering dropping its judicial review against a planning inspector’s decision to grant planning permission for 250 homes on Highfield Farm and 39 off Berrells Road.

Following last week’s front page bombshell, Stop Tetbury’s Excessive Planning Scheme has written an open letter to the authority’s chief executive David Neudegg urging him to carry on the fight.

In the open letter posted on the organisation’s website, the group said it strongly objected to the council withdrawing the challenge.

"The residents of Tetbury do not want these houses built here," it read.

"We want to have a say in where our new houses are built, and are engaged in the Neighbourhood Plan to this end."

The letter added the group is meeting with government representatives and pressure group Campaign to Protect Rural England next month.

"The cost of this action is not the main consideration when we are talking about the president being set for the Cotswolds as a whole," it continues.

"Once these applications are given the final green light it will be open season for the entire district and permanent damage will be done to the Cotswolds."

"If the Council give up on this challenge you are giving up on planning our future. We expect you to give regard to residents and represent us the local people who pay our Council Taxes."

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