My other half and I went to The Cotswold Playhouse last evening and were really fortunate to see The Cotswold Players performing Alan Ayckbourn’s “Absurd Person Singular”.

It was the funniest thing I could remember seeing, maybe ever ! I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so much. The stand in for Eva Jackson acted extremely skilfully and fluently even though she had to read from a script.

This was done very naturally so I only just noticed the part was being read. Even the “out of tune” singing of “First Day of Christmas was so wonderfully out of tune it sounded harmonious.

I had the idea the ladies were really competent singers.

The action kept going at a pace that kept the comedy effect going. I thought it was absolutely brilliant !! I would have stood up to applaud at the end but didn’t , only because my husband is more reserved and might have been embarrassed.

Really looking forward to more shows at The C.P.H. and especially by our magnificent Cotswold Players !!

Best wishes to all !

Rose Niland Smith