I want to draw attention to the implications of no longer having RUSH our skatepark for our many young teenagers who come from far as well from Stroud area because of it's excellent reputation and facilities. We, as parents and grandparents know where our youngsters are, they are safe, exercising, and also socialising with each other and the staff are very caring.

They have a community which will be irreplaceable and much poorer for it's loss. As we know teenage years can be a vulnerable time. The more positive supportive activities that can be provided by our community are essential for both physical and mental health .

I have every faith in the goodwill of Stroud Council and our community working together to find another venue for a skatepark. To close RUSH shows a lack of understanding the long term implications. These kids hanging out in the streets with nothing much to do is not something any one of us want to see.

Fiona Ritchie