A BOLD new production of Arthur Miller's classic The Crucible arrives at The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham on Monday, March 20.

Presented by Sell A Door Theatre Company and The Queens Theatre Hornchurch, in association with Les Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg, The Crucible is a chilling reminder of the frailty of reason in the face of hysteria.

In a tight knit community, a group of girls is caught dancing wildly in the woods.

Allegations of witchcraft ensue. Lust, superstition and personal grievances collide and the whole village is quickly consumed by an unstoppable flow of fear, paranoia and manipulation - suddenly no-one is safe from their neighbour and the noose.

Who will survive?

Arthur Miller's landmark drama, The Crucible, stands as both a historical record and a political parable for our times.

The unrelenting and violent witch-hunt, originally written as an allegory about the brutal reign of McCarthyism in 1950s America, resonates into the present day as a stark and ferocious warning from the past.

Charlie Condou, best known for playing Marcus Dent on the UK soap Coronation Street takes on the role of witch-hunter Reverend Hale with Victoria Yeates, who is currently appearing in BBC period drama Call The Midwife, as Elizabeth Proctor.

They will be joined by Eoin Slattery as John Proctor and Lucy Keirl as Abigail Williams.

  •  The Crucible is at The Everyman Theatre from Monday, March 20-Saturday, March 25. Visit everymantheatre.org.uk for more.