ELEMENTAL Sculpture Park located just outside of Somerford Keynes is a project set up by David Hartland to share his love of sculpture with others.

David brought the land 20 years ago, when it was just a thistle field and has since transformed the site, which now features a conifer woodland with ponds, gardens and glades.

For 16 years, David’s wife ran a wildlife centre on the site, but after it closed, David decided the time was right to set up his own sculpture park.

Having opened during the summer, the Park will remain open on Sunday’s throughout the winter, to allow people to enjoy the changing seasons at the park, before returning to five day opening next spring.

The park features the works of over thirty different artists, with around 90 pieces on display, meaning something different lies around every turn in the path.

The works cover a range of forms and topics, with some made from stone, others metal, while some are full of colour.

Local artist John Jebb has recently started displaying his works at the Park and is a welcome addition to David’s list of displaying artists.

Having trained and exhibited in the USA, John moved back to England a few years ago and opened a studio in Ashton Keynes where he creates representations of the body in the abstract out of Portland Stones, focusing on individuality and the relationships that are common in human experience.

Another local artist who displays at the Park, is Lucy Unwin who takes inspiration from natural forms, both organic shapes found in nature and the human form.

With 10 acres of land on offer, visitors can enjoy the autumn colours of the Red Oak and Maple trees as they walk around the Park viewing the sculptures.

“I’ve always had a passion for sculpture”, says David. “Over the past five years I’ve visited exhibitions around the country and with the growth of the trees on the site, it just felt like the right time to open up.”

  • Elemental Sculpture Park is open on Sunday’s 10.30am – 4.30pm. For more information visit elementalsculpturepark.com