BEST known as a world renowned singer/songwriter, Bob Dylan has also been making waves as an artist.

His latest collection called ‘The Brazil Series’; a captivating set of works inspired by his travels to the South American country, were unveiled on Friday, May 15, at Castle Fine Art in Cheltenham until Saturday, May 30.

Universally acknowledged as one of the most culturally relevant innovators of today, Dylan shows his prowess as an accomplished artist, painting Brazilian scenes brimming with life and full of vibrant colour.

His subject matter celebrates the infamous favelas, the bustling markets and the young men of the working class.

Dylan’s works invite us into the secret places of Brazil, back streets and houses where tourists would never normally go.

Jonny Stokes, Castle Fine Art, Cheltenham’s Gallery Manager, said: “The Brazil Series is an interesting and exciting departure from ‘The Drawn Blank Series’, and really does capture Bob Dylan’s strength as an artist first and foremost.

“He paints the unexpected and elusive, elevating an image from a scene viewed as a passing glance or stolen moment to an enduring work of art. It really is an honour to have his work on display at the gallery for people to enjoy.”

• ‘The Brazil Series’ by Bob Dylan is on display at Castle Fine Art in Cheltenham from Friday, May 15 until Saturday, May 30.

* Each of the works are certificated and personally signed by Bob Dylan with the prints priced at £1,250. For further information visit the gallery at 82a The Promenade, call 0124 280 6807 or go to