The following planning applications were registered with Cotswold District Council between 18.2.19 and 24.2.19.

Andoversford: Swanwick Catering Equipment, Andoversford Industrial Estate, conversion of an existing industrial building (class B8) into an office, factory and showroom (class B2) for Countryside Windows, including a new first floor bay window and external alterations.

Bourton-on-the-Water: The Old Mill, Sherborne Street, Lime trees group X 7 - re-pollard group back to old pruning points at approximately 13m high & remove all epicormic growth up to main forks, Sycamore stem group - dismantle tree group located at the raised bank due to pushing neighbouring wall and damaging, Sycamore (located at the rear of property) - old pollarded tree - reduce upper brown by 4m and take the overhang away from parking area, conifer (located next to neighbours wall) - reduce side over neighbours garden as damaging wall, Thuja (located at the back of property corner of wall) - dismantle as it is heaving wall over.

Chedworth: Woolpack, Calves Hill, Ash tree (directly opposite the drive to Woolpack) - pollard, previously pollarded every 2/3 years; copse of approx. 45 trees - fell 9 trees marked with orange dots.

Cirencester: 147 Gloucester Street, walnut tree at the end of the garden - reduce crown by 1 - 1.5 m, prune back spread all round with up to 2 m off the longest extension, thin new growth, where still remaining dense, removing up to 50% of live end growth; Watermoor Primary School, Watermoor Road, works detailed in submitted report and schedule; Kingshill, Eastleach, T1 - Cherry - fell, T2 - Walnut - reduce crown back to previous pruning points; Beechlea, Rendcomb, T1 - willow - fell and replace; The Old House, 187 Gloucester Street, fell cypress trees.

Elkstone: The Old School House, Hill View, T1 - Yew tree - crown lift to give up to 2.5m clearance between lowest branches and ground, and pruning to give a minimum 1m clearance between branches and oil tank, this mature Yew tree requires the following minor proposed pruning to allow 1 - the safe access of workmen during the replacement of the end of life oil tank, 2 - to provide the required 600mm clearance between any foliage or branches and the new oil tank, 3 - to allow safe mowing of the grass beneath the Yew tree.

Fairford: 10 The Orchard, fell crab apples 1, 2, 3 (Malus).

Guiting Power: Cotswold Stone Quarries, Tinkers Barn Quarry, non-material amendment to condition 3 (scope of development) drawing no.s 10211-5000- 001 & 10211-5000-002 are superseded by 10211-5000-001 Rev A & 10211-5000-002 Rev A relating to planning consent 16/0012/CWMAJM dated 26/05/2019 - please see 16/01017/CPO.

Lechlade: 1 Keble Close, lime - pollard back to previous points, to tidy and maintain the tree, been 5/6 years since previously been done; 1 Manor Gardens, Oak Street, infill existing ground floor window aperture in gable end wall (east elevation).

Moreton in Marsh: Robins Meet, Back Lane, Upper Oddington, demolition of existing residential dwelling and construction of replacement residential dwelling and garage.

Northleach: The North Wing and College House, The Green, addition of roof lights and glazed roof to east elevation and internal alterations.

Rendcomb: Wilderness House, T1 - twin-stemmed willow - crown reduce by approx. 30%.

Somerford Keynes: Lake House, The Street, remove trees along the front of the property, bordering the street, which are causing the wall to fall into the footpath.

South Cerney: Cherry Orchard, Langet Upper Up, Lime trees - 1 (located at front of property, close to house) - remove one main stem closest to property and reduce the remainder of crown to leave 4m, 2 (located in middle of group) - remove twin stem leaning toward drive to ground level and reduce remainder of crown to leave 4 m, 3 (located at end of tree group) - remove all small & weak stems leaving the five main stems which are to have a 4 m reduction of crown at side of tree near the power Line, reduce side to clear power lime by 2m.

Temple Guiting: Wards Piece, Wells Head Lane, tree felling, pruning and coppicing in submitted schedule.

Tetbury: St Anthonys Cottage, 12 Beverston, multi-stemmed sycamore, fell because of dangerous leaning onto land with garage and vehicles parked. low amenity value; 10 Charlton Road, crown reduction of existing Irish yew tree from 5.5m to 4m to mirror other tree in garden, general pruning of trees in garden and tidying of box hedges; 23 Westonbirt, erection of two storey and single storey rear extensions; Ilsom Farm, Cirencester Road, non-material amendment to 18/01177/FUL for the sub-station enclosure to change from recon stone to close board fence with gated access; The Priory, The Chipping, compliance with conditions 5 (details - partial compliance) and 7 (construction method statement) of permission 17/05083/FUL - internal and external alterations and change of use to provide 9 no. residential dwellings - and condition 5 (details - partial compliance) of consent 17/05084/LBC - internal and external alterations and change of use to provide 9 no. residential dwellings.

Upper Rissington: 3 Vickers Road, Norway maple - fell and replace.

Westonbirt with Lasborough: Hawthorn Cottage, 23 Westonbirt, erection of two storey and single storey rear extensions.

Weston Subedge: Canon Bourne, Parsons Lane, compliance with condition 3 (glazing bar design) of consent 18/04927/LBC - proposed conversion of building from 6 apartments to 3 residential units, including internal and external alterations.

The following planning applications were registered with North Wiltshire District Council between 18.2.19 and 24.2.19.

Ashton Keynes: Little Kent End, 4 Kent End, erection of two-bay garage.

Brinkworth: Lonsdale House, East End, conservatory and change of use of garage to play room.

Littleton Drew: Orchard Cottage, crown reduce Eucalyptus by 50%, remove deadwood and shape.

Malmesbury: Former Spinney Car Park, Swindon Road, removal of condition 6 on 18/05181/VAR regarding bridge details; Polly Viner House, Burton Hill, discharge condition 3 from 18/11555/LBC - proposed stone boundary wall to Wagon House and Polly Viner House; Manor Farm, Rodbourne, reduce height of London Plane by up to 5 metres.

Minety: 18 Oakleaze, proposed rear extension to existing bungalow revised scheme 17/12410/FUL additional window added to north east elevations, additional patio doors added to south west elevation and garage door replaced with personel door to front elevation.

Sherston: Barton House, Swan Barton, 30% crown reduction to Ornamental Crab Apple tree; Sherston Preschool, Sherston Recreation Ground, Green Lane, erection of 92.8sqm detached, timber-framed building for D1 educational use on recreational ground.