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Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

£66,000 - £66,000

The second generation version of Toyota's Mirai is a model the brand wants you to choose on its own merits, not just because it's a hydrogen fuel cell car. Its predecessor was first to market with this technology and this replacement design aims to play a key role in popularising it amongst forward-thinking ordinary buyers. Ultimately, this contender needs a far more developed hydrogen station infrastructure for popular acceptance. But it's a fascinating glimpse into all our motoring futures.

Handling 5/10
Comfort 8/10
Economy 9/10
Value 3/10
Build 7/10
Equipment 8/10
Performance 5/10
Depreciation 4/10
Insurance 4/10
Space 7/10
Styling 7/10
Overall 61%
6.1 /10

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