The following planning applications were registered with Cotswold District Council between 19.2.18 and 25.2.18.

Baunton: Millside, 1, 1 Horse Chestnut tree reduce height and spread by approx 4 metres to just below old pruning points, 2, 1 Silver Birch tree reduce height and spread down by 4 metres and shape.

Bibury: Dovecote Cottage, Hawkers Hill, Arlington, T1 - apple - remove x1 limb on south east side, reduce elongated limb over property boundary on north west side by c.40%, carry out an annual fruit tree prune to the remaining crown, T2 - apple - carry out a crown reduction of c.20% total volume and an annual fruit tree prune to the remaining crown; Bibury Court, Church Road, roof structure and gable repairs; Bibury Court, Church Road, creation of arrival court and parking area, including the reduction of an oversized hotel car park in favour of planted areas, re-instatement of a historic service entrance, a carport, and a kitchen garden; Bibury Court Hotel, Church Road, the proposed works are to create an arrival court and parking for Bibury Court, including the reduction of an oversized hotel car park in favour of planted areas, the re-instatement of a historic service entrance and the addition of a carport.

Bourton-on-the-Water: Land opposite The Kingsbridge Inn, Riverside,

T1 - Holm Oak - fell; Fairlie, Riverside, yew - fell.

Chedworth: Holywell Court Close, T1 - leylandii - dismantle, as tree has now outgrown site; Hare and Hounds, Fosse Cross, erection of 28 hotel bedrooms and dining pavilion, creation of car parking and new access and use of barn as plant room.

Chipping Campden: Westington Mill, Dyers Lane, G1 - a line of 7 thuja growing on the track side boundary and situated in close proximity to a neighbouring property that feels they are causing a nuisance, reduce height by 30% and cut back overhang towards neighbours property by 3 metres; The Court, Calf Lane, T1 yew - selectively reduce lateral limbs that are currently interfering with the gable end of the listed building. T2 Pine - fell due to numerous limb failures during winter snow fall, canopy over hangs another listed building; Briar Hill Cottage, Broad Campden, 1 x crab apple - remove, 1 x lawson - remove.

Cirencester: 43 Lewis Lane, removal of one pear tree and a number of shrubs.

Daglingworth: Church of the Holy Rood, Church Road, T1 - yew - reduce crown and lateral branches leaving a 4-5m frame work, T2 - ash - remove, T3 - holly - reduce crown by 2m and shape, T4 - yew - reduce branch tips on church side by 1-1.5m to reduce end loading, reduce longer branch with "hazard beam" by 2m to alleviate stress on failure point, T5 - western red cedar - prune back lowest branch on church side to be within main crown drip line, T6 - sycamore - removal by sectional felling.

Eastleach: Eastleach War Memorial, fell a row of pollarded Lime trees which are growing close to a neighbouring dry stone wall; Bay Tree Cottages, T1 apple tree - fell, T2 Walnut - reduce canopy by 1/3 to leave height 7m and diameter spread 7m.

Fairford: Orchard House, Fayrecourt, Milton Street, 20ft Yew Tree - situated very close to an old building (not the owners) root system is a disturbance - sectional fell to ground level and grind out the root system; Maple House, The Green, T1 - ash - tree growing close to property, nearest limbs to be reduced back, weight to be balanced and shape to be matched; Lloyds Bank Ltd, High Street, conversion of former bank premises to retail and residential comprising one retail unit and four flats - Compliance with condition 4 (external joinery).

Guiting Power: 3 Post Office Lane, 5TT1 x leylandii (T1) to fell and grind out root, not native, to allow more light into property

Lechlade: Southrop Manor, Southrop, fell 6 alder.

Moreton-in-Marsh: Oakdene, Church Street, T1 - walnut - crown reduce approx 1 metre, T2 - maple - side back over hedge and near property, T3 - apple - crown reduce approx 1.5 metres, crown thin where required, T4 - apple - reduce minimal 0.5 metre over conservatory, T5 - cherry - crown reduce 2 metres in height and reduce spread to balance, T6 - conifer - trim into more compact shape; Aylton House, Chapel Lane, Blockley, eucalyptus - fell; 3 The Stables, Northwick Park, Blockley, installation of a satellite dish - retrospective; 3 Evenlode Road Bungalows, Chapel Street, Broadwell, fell Conifer; Eastgate House, Moreton Road, Longborough, demolish part of existing store and erection of new storage building (part-retrospective); Green Pastures, School Lane, Blockley, alterations and extension to existing garage to provide a holiday let unit (resubmission of 15/01469/FUL).

North Cerney: Pennings, T1 cherry - crown thin by 20%, T2 pear - reduce by 1.5m all over (stem decay).

Preston: Land at Preston Mill Barn, Swindon Road, compliance with conditions 3 (trees), 10 (samples) and 11 (panel) - reserved matters for 6 detached dwellings and garages together with associated hard/soft landscaping and boundary treatments pursuant to Outline permission 14/04516/OUT.

South Cerney: Plough Cottage, Station Road, Silver Birch - reduce all round by 2m & reshape, remove deadwood and rubbing branches, pear - tree to have a formative prune, apple - fell to ground level, Goat Willow - recommend removal as it has been badly pruned in the past and replace in next planting season, holly - dismantle, forsythia - prune back from drive & remainder to be pruned to shape, small weeping tree - cut down, yew - trim all round of new growth, bush - cut down; The Forge, School Lane, 1 willow tree to re-pollard this tree back to old pollard points; 2 The Old School, School Lane, compliance with conditions 3 (samples) & 4 (sample panel) of application 17/03903/FUL - new outbuildings, replacement fence, wall and gates.

Stow-on-the-Wold: The Sheep, Sheep Street, conversion of store to bar servery, form new opening with painted softwood doors externally; 2 Manor Cottages, The Square, proposed replacement external doors and windows, new staircase to access proposed new storage withing existing roofspace, new internal partitions and new rooflight to rear.

Tetbury: The Chipping, Croft 26, The Chipping, T1 - yew - 2m overall crown reduction, G1 - trees overhanging the lawn - reduce back on the lateral side by 3ft, T2 - cherry - take out, T3 - leaning oak - take out, T4 - holly - take out; 1 Cutwell, compliance with conditions 5 (finish) and 6 (details) - erection of single storey front extension; The Goods Shed, Gumstool Hill, Variation of Condition 13 of Planning Decision 15/03937/FUL to amend opening hours.

The following planning applications were registered with North Wiltshire District Council between 19.2.18 and 25.2.18.

Ashton Keynes: Amberley 4 Gosditch, 30% reduction and crown clean to 3 conifer trees.

Brinkworth: Home Farm, 8 Wood Lane, proposed two storey side extension. new vehicular access; York House, York Lane, proposed single storey canopy side extension with balcony over.

Cricklade: The Brow, 111 High Street, re-pollard 3 sycamore trees to previous pruning points, remove 1 stem from willow tree, and reduce height of 3 conifers by 50%; 28 Fullers Avenue, proposed development of 1no. 3 bedroom house with associated parking and amenities.

Grittleton: Rose Cottage, Sevington, demolition of an existing lean-to extension and single storey extension (bathroom) and the construction of a single storey side porch/utility room and a new single storey glazed linked detached kitchen and garden/dining room.

Malmesbury: The Tanyard, 1 Dark Lane, fell 1 apple tree and 4 fern trees; 5 Moffat Rise, proposed alterations and extension over existing garage; 3 Swinford Paddocks, Common Road, loft conversion with Velux roof lights to both front and rear.

Minety: Braydon Hall Lodge, Malmesbury Road, proposed extension to side, porch & improvements.

Sherston: 24 High Street, proposed two storey & single storey extension.