IT IS my turn to write the market comment this month and like all good journalists I try to think of some interesting articles to write about.

All too often I see other agents skewing their articles around their own business performance in an attempt to attain instructions which is not that interesting.

Though I do accept that some months I struggle to come up with some good ideas and this is one of those months.

So I have written an article for publication that I was not 100 per cent happy with, only to suddenly realise that today’s paper is published on Valentine’s Day!

How can one write a boring article about property on what is the most romantic day of the year!

So in all good journalistic style, I have scrapped my planned article to the confines of the waste paper bin and sat down to start again.

Any journalists out there reading this will understand precisely what I mean…

So what can one write about?

I thought let’s try to find some interesting properties which will put a sparkle in any romantics eye, like the bungalow located in Franklin, Indiana, USA, that was beautifully decorated with red hearts.

Though remember that not all romances last, that particular Valentines bungalow was sadly washed away in the 2008 floods.

Closer to home we had a gift wrapped house at Lower Mill Estate near Cirencester.

The owner whisked his loved one up by helicopter for a most enchanting aerial view.

Many households dress their houses at Christmas with colourful decorative lights which look very impressive as one household tries to out beat the neighbour.

The local kids love it and your electrical bill is just slightly higher but who cares, Christmas is all but once a year.

So if we can do this at Christmas, why not Valentine’s Day as well?

Though with house prices what they are today perhaps for the most of us, we need to just stick with a simple love nest that one can both enjoy for under £20.

Happy Valentine’s Day