The following planning applications were registered with Cotswold District Council between 22.1.18 and 28.1.18.

Cirencester: 1 Tall Trees, Stratton, Silver Birch (T11 of TPO) - fell; Abbey Grounds, Dugdale Road, T17 Yew - pollard to below main storm damaged branches and make good all storm damaged branches, tidy any broken stubs T26 snake bark maple - crown reduce by 25% T27 acer - crown reduce by 25% T38 prunus - remove split branches; Beeches Car Park, Beeches Road, T6, Lawson - fell, T18, N. Maple - fell, T19, Larch - fell, T20, Larch - fell; Coach House, Cranhams Lane, T1 - Horse Chestnut - 15% crown reduction, reducing overall height by 3-4m, at same time inspected upper canopy for decay points and remove any dead and broken branches, T2 Holm oak - 20% crown reduction, reducing overall height by approximately 4m and removing sections from lateral limbs to reduce weight on main stems T3 Holm oak - 15% crown reduction, reducing height by approximately 3m and reducing crown spread to west by approximately 2m, crown thin canopy to west, to reduce weight on major limbs over the drive, lift canopy to provide 4m ground clearance over drive.

Cold Aston: Alberts Cottage, 9 Chapel Lane, single storey side extension to outbuilding; Erection of single storey side extension.

Driffield: Mallards, Field Maple - 35% reduction; Keepers Cottage, Poplar Tree - take down,; Silver Birch - reduce by 30%.

Lower Slaughter: Four Wells, Copse Hill Road, T.1 - poplar tree - fell.

Sapperton: Unit 1, Beacon Farm, Stroud Road, Frampton Mansell, change of use and conversion of stone barn with associated extension, garden and parking (submitted with revisions to approved application 17/00952/FUL).

Shipton: Shipton Oliffe Manor, Shipton Oliffe, T.1 - Horse Chestnut - fell, T.2 - Horse Chestnut - fell, T.3 - Scotts Pine - fell, T.4 - Silver Birch - fell.

Somerford Keynes: Sewerage Treatment Processing Plant, The Street, compliance with conditions 4 (landscape) - Renewal of Sewage Treatment Processing plant and access improvements; 17 & 18 Clearwater Village, Lower Mill Lane, erection of glass balustrading.

Stow-on-the-Wold: Car park south of Maugersbury Road, Maugersbury Road, T11 Sycamore, reduce crown T29 Horse Chestnut, reduce crown.

Tetbury: Northfield House, Northfield Road, Discharge of Conditions for planning permission: 17/02792/FUL - replacement dwelling with detached garage (external changes and change in internal layout) - compliance with conditions 3 (Sample materials) 4 (Sample Panel) 5 (window and door finish) 6 (sample of the external woodwork) 8 ( Rainwater goods) 11 ( Design details) and 13 (details of the provision of nesting opportunities for birds House martin, House sparrow, Starling, Swift and/or Swallow).

The following planning applications were registered with North Wiltshire District Council between 22.1.18 and 28.1.18.

Ashton Keynes: 1a Rixon Gate, 30% crown reduction to 2 maple trees (T1 and T2); Old Manor Farm, North End, 30% crown reduction to horse chestnut.

Crudwell: 1 Gooselands, erection of two storey extension to side of dwelling; 4 Church Cottages, reposition of storage shed as approved under planning permission 17/05603/FUL, with provision of trellis fencing to front and side and new gravelled area.

Latton: Holly House, 21 Gosditch, variation of condition 2 of planning permission 17/02427/FUL to allow for alterations to the fenestration of the garden bedroom, extension width to be widened by 30cm and relocation of the rooflights on the extension roof from from NE to SW elevation.

Luckington: Sladbrook House, The Street, re-pollard weeping willow to previous pollarding points.

Malmesbury: Land adjacent to No 50 King's Wall, proposed new dwelling.

Oaksey: Tamarisk, 4 Minety Lane, 30% crown reduction, removal of 1 branch overhanging road and removal of 1.5 metre growth away from electricity cables to silver birch, and 30% crown reduction to copper beech; Land to the rear of Street Farm, erection of three dwellings together with associated works including new access from Cargill Place.

Sherston: Angel House, High Street, installation of small air intake fan.