HOME builders will need access to EU workers after Brexit to meet housing targets, experts warn.

Twenty per cent of workers in the UK building industry come from abroad, according to a survey by the Home Builders Federation (HBF).

The building sector has asked the Government to confirm these workers will continue after Britain leaves the UK.

Overall, 19.7 per cent of workers on house-building sites across country are not British.

With house building such a key priority for Government, the industry is calling on ministers to recognise the needs of house builders.

“The results of this census clearly demonstrate the reliance the industry currently has on non-UK workers,” said Stewart Baseley, HBF executive chairman.

“Output is up a massive 74 per cent in recent years, but achieving the very challenging targets set by Government will require further big increases in workforce capacity.”

He said that access to manpower from outside the UK is vital, even with schemes to get more native workers into the trade of building houses.

“While the industry is investing heavily in recruiting and training young people leaving our schools, colleges and universities, continued access to overseas workers is absolutely essential,” he added.

The industry has passed the survey results to ministers and officials, as well as the Migration Advisory Committee.

It is asking the Government to secure the status of existing employees as quickly as possible and ensure house-building roles are represented in future immigration arrangements.