The following planning applications were registered with Cotswold District Council between 1.1.18 and 7.1.18.

Bibury: Glebe House, The Square, T.1- Beech - fell, T.2 - cedar- large cedar in centre of garden - remove dead wood, de-thatch and 10 percent thin, T.3 - drive way Lime - removal of one large side limb leaning over neighbours garden.

Bourton-on-the-Water: Foxes Close, T.1 - Walnut Tree - remove.

Brimpsfield: 4 Newcombe, Climperwell Road, 2 storey side and rear extensions, installation of bay window at ground floor front, rear dormer, replacement of existing garage (resubmission ref. 17/03837/FUL).

Chedworth: Pippins, The Rookery, Middle Chedworth, T.1 - Willow Tree on the bank in the back garden on the left of the property - remove new growth and reduce the crown to the old trunk, T.2 - Hanging Willow at the back of the garden in front of the shed - reduce the crown by 1/3, T.3 - remove conifer next to shed in lower back garden, T.4 - reduce the crown on the Cherry Trees (x2) at the rear of the upper garden next to the wall

Chipping Norton: 1 Manor House Cottages, Church Westcote, compliance with conditions 3 (sample), 4 (eaves/verges), 5 (window/door frames), 6 (window/door colour). 7 (design details), 8 (rooflights) and 9 (bats) of application 17/01766/LBC - internal reconfiguration of existing cottage, and alterations to existing openings to north and west elevations.

Cirencester: 5 Oaklands, T.1 -T.5 - pollarded Lime trees - pollard 5 Lime trees and reduce shading and encroachment into neighbours property, T.6 & T. 7 - Yew Trees - reduce by 20% to reduce shading and encroachment into neighbours property, T.8 - Sycamore - reduce back to main trunk the two largest limbs over road, and remove smaller lower branches over pavement and road, T.9 - Beech - remove lower branch over garden wall as shown in submitted photo, T.10 - Holly - crown lift 2.5m from ground and crown reduction 2m; Cirencester United Football Club, Four Acre Playing Field, Chesterton Lane, Common Lime (T4 & T5) - all trees obscured by epicormic growth, pollard trees to uniform height in submitted annotated photo and remove epicormic growth; Abbey Grounds, Dugdale Road, T.11 - Weeping willow - reduce tree height dramatically, remove most of the growth above branch division at 7m, T.21 - false acacia - dismantle and remove tree; St Michaels Park, Watermoor Road, T.2 - Holm Oak - crown reduction as part of ongoing retrenchment pruning, T.17 - Sycamore - remove, T.16 - Sycamore - remove up to 6 stems, T.20 - dead Cherry - fell, T.13 - Walnut - crown lift and weight reduction over road; 50 Ashcroft Road, Goat Willow - 50% reductions to stop it rubbing on the roof and gutter Cherry to reshape and tidy lose ends.

Fairford: Old Piggery, Cirencester Road, T.1 - Horse Chestnut - 3m crown lift for footpath clearance and clearance over the veg patch.

Kemble: 151 School Road, T.1 - Eucalyptus - fell, G.2 - Lawson Cypress - fell.

Lechlade: Southrop Manor, Southrop, 2 x Robinia - fell, removal of 7 x alders leaving 2 clumps of 3.

Stratton: Stratton Rise, 89 Cheltenham Road, large Cedar - remove and tidy broken branches.

The following planning applications were registered with North Wiltshire District Council between 1.1.18 and 7.1.18.

Marston Meysey: The Old Vicarage, The Street, fell 1 Leylandii (T1).