A recent survey from Cooper Solutions for used car dealers has highlighted the importance of extended and unaccompanied test drives for potential buyers. The potential buyers have said that they would feel more positively about a dealer if they were allowed a test drive that gives them the opportunity to make a more informed purchase decision.

“The test drive process is a vital element of the customer purchase journey and substantially increases the chance of securing a sale,” explains Dean Pipitone, a Director of Cooper Solutions. “This is significantly heightened when a customer has the opportunity to bring to life the benefits of the vehicle, particularly when considering an upgrade.”

It seems that with the average test drive lasting just 20 minutes, more time is needed for customers to grow in confidence with the vehicle before committing to buying it, with nearly a third saying an extended test drive would increase the chances of them ‘falling in love’ with the car. The survey also revealed that 89% of people would buy a car if their friends and family gave it the thumbs up.

“Being able to drive on familiar roads allows time for the customer to test out comfort, equipment, and the way the vehicle handles and performs, as well as being able to trial the car without the pressure of a salesperson accompanying them,” adds Pipitone.

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