OUTDOOR swimming pools and solar panels are more likely to devalue your home than add to its worth, according to a new report.

Bold interior design and dark, dingy rooms are among the other things likely to put off buyers in the UK, according to research by the National Association of Estate Agents.

“Sometimes the improvements you have made might not appeal to buyers, so even though you’ve spent money on them, they might not necessarily add any value,” said Katie Griffin, NAEA president.

“The house-moving process is stressful, so it’s important to know what adds value to your home and what might detract or put off potential buyers.”

Although great fun for a weekend or two in the summer, outdoor swimming pools in the UK aren’t considered a very practical feature.

They are very expensive to maintain and take up vast amounts of space.

Estimates of the annual heating bill vary alarmingly. Worst of all, the British weather means they can’t be used very often.

It’s simply not easy to get that Hollywood Hills feel in the garden, during a cold British spring.

Furthermore, garden pools can present safety concerns for young families.

To some buyers, solar panels can also appear unsightly and unattractive.

Those who are more concerned with aesthetics than the environment don’t usually want them stuck on the side of their roof.

While a set of solar panels may save money on energy bills in the short term, and they’re environmentally friendly, they might not actually add any value to your home.

The NAEA said solar technology ages quickly and can be expensive to upgrade. The same applies to built-in kitchen appliances, which are great to start with, but within five years are out of date.

Outlandish colourful interiors can put off buyers and the NAEA suggests redecorating in neutral colours before putting a property on the market.

The report says that if there are two identical properties for sale and one is bright and airy while the other is dark and dingy, nine times out of the 10 the brighter one will be worth more.