THE secret to good negotiating is in understanding when to argue and when to make a proposal.

For house buyers the final quarter of 2017 may be precisely the right time to make a strong proposal.

So far the property market has had a slow year.

This we can really put down to higher property taxes, the general election and Brexit.

We certainly can't put it down to employment and mortgage interest rates.

However at Perry Bishop & Chambers we have increased our sales year on year.

It may be too soon to call, but there are certain signs that we are approaching, or may even have reached, the bottom of the market cycle.

Knowing when to make a move is always difficult.

But one thing is certain those people who think they will wait until after the Brexit negotiations are over may well be too late - all the good deals will have been done by people who understand that making a reasonable proposal early is better than reacting when it is too late.

Skilled and experienced negotiators understand this.

They understand how to read the negotiation road map.

Which is why employing an experienced negotiator in the form of a talented estate agent is so important.

If you are thinking of moving, don’t delay.

Call one of our experienced estate agents who will provide good, solid and professional advice on how to achieve the best price in a challenging market.

We sell more houses in October and November than any other time of the year and have a strong database of motivated buyers ready to make a decision now.

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