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B C P Council

Poole, Multiple Planning notices

Notice ID: BOU2364443

Notice effective from
18th March 2022 to 17th April 2022

BCP Council - Poole

I give notice that the following applications have been made to the Local Planning Authority for planning permission:
APP/21/01594/F Variation of Condition 12 of planning permission APP/18/00792/P to state: 'Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority, the commercial part of the development hereby permitted shall achieve a minimum BREEAM Very Good' rating (or a suitable equivalent standard). Prior to first occupation of the two commercial units a Post-Construction Review Certificate shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority verifying that the BREEAM rating (or a suitable equivalent standard) has been met'. Former Poole Pottery site, Old Orchard
APP/22/00179/F Alterations to roof to form 2nd floor master bedroom with new stair access and semi-recessed balcony. Minor changes to general bathroom. 33 Lakeside Road
APP/22/00205/F Plot severance, demolition of garage and erection of detached dwelling with associated access and parking 39 Nelson Road
APP/22/00217/F Ground floor extension, replace roof to form first floor accommodation 36 Charborough Road
APP/22/00226/F Variation of condition 2 of planning permission APP/20/01493/F as described in that description of development to add timber decking on post to rear garden, relocate garage 2m to the north, remove cars from garage and add an annex 19 Wilderton Road
APP/22/00257/F Erect a dwelling with on site car parking Land Adj 24 Britannia Road
APP/22/00261/F Provision of a balcony and door to the front elevation of the first floor flat and internal alterations. 8 Park Lake Road
APP/22/00207/F Replace the single glazed painted softwood veritcal sliding sashes to double glazed painted hardwood vertical sliding sashes; replace softwood sills with stone. Retrospective listed planning application for side gate; hand grip replacement on the right door and new hand grip on the left door; installation of a step rail. Cinnamon House, 24 - 28 High Street
APP/22/00244/L Display two adverts on shop front 96A High Street
APP/22/00245/A Two signs, each measuring 1.2m x 3.6m, to be placed over each respective shop unit. One is for a Nail business, the other is for a cleaning one. 96A High Street
APP/22/00248/F Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission
APP/21/01487/F as described in that Description of Development to revise the list of approved plans to include a basement with access through a passageway below ground level to the rear subterranean garage. 97 Orchard Avenue
APP/22/00085/P Demolition of existing house and erection of 2.5/3 storey block of 18 flats. 15no 1 beds and 3 no. 2 beds with zero parking, and associated cycles and bin stores. 86 Alexandra Road
APP/22/00284/F Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission APP/21/00400/F as described in that Description of Development to revise the list of approved plans and technical reports to allow for the co-location of the hydrogen plant with the approved battery store on the restored landfill; the consequential amendments to conditions 4, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 12. Canford Renewable Energy, Canford Recycling Centre
APP/18/00751/L Listed Building Consent to demolish Grade II Listed Brick Pier Gate Land Between the Bridges, West Quay Road.
APP/18/00750/F Major application for the demolition of existing buildings and Grade II listed brick pier gate and the erection of a mixed-use development comprising 454 residential apartments (Class C3) together with food and beverage units (Class E(b)), office workspace (Class E(g)), art gallery (Class F1(b)), museum (Class F1(c)), a replacement facility for Poole Amateur Rowing Club (sui generis), quayside walkway, replacement quay wall, landscaping and associated ancillary works including highway works, car and cycle parking. This application includes an Environmental Impact Assessment (Revised Description) Land Between the Bridges, West Quay Road. This is an EIA development in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017. There is an Environmental Statement associated with this application. A CD copy of the statement can be provided free of charge. A hard copy can be provided for a fee of £500 for the Environmental Statement. Please contact Gareth Hooper at DPP for further details:". Please submit your comments within the next 30 days from the date of this notice.

All applications, correspondence and planning application documents, can be viewed, and comments made, online at
Any comments about the above applications should be made within 24 days of this publication date, quoting relevant reference number/s.
Head of Planning
Dated: 18/03/2022


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