From the archives Standard, April 3, 1964

Bereavement party to mark railway closure.

Mrs Vera Pope, 52- year-old chairman of the Cirencester Passengers’ Association is to hold a sherry and beer bereavement party on Sunday to mourn the end of the 122-year-old railway link between Cirencester and Kemble.

Her battles to save the railway line have been unsuccessful and she has been banned for life from the House of Commons for scattering rail closure protest leaflets in the Commons last November during Question Time.

She has sent black edged invitation cards to General Lord Robertson the former BR Chief who lives near Cirencester, Transport Minister Ernest Marples and Nicholas Ridley the local MP.

Mrs Pope said she heard from Mr Ridley who will not be able to be present at the party owing to another engagement, John Bowyer, Labour candidate has agreed to join the party which will begin at 8.35pm on the rail bus leaving Kemble.

"I don’t suppose Mr Marples will accept the invitation" said Mrs Pope but we will have an effigy of him which I will bring down on the rail bus from Kemble. It will be burnt at midnight. The last rail bus to leave Cirencester will be at 11.30pm and the party is to carry on all evening in the Station Yard at Cirencester" , says Mrs Pope.