POOLE play 4-5-1, are very good at what they do and they use ever inch of the widest pitch you will ever see.

For the first 15 or 20 minutes they gave us a pasting. They had a goal disallowed and Glyn (Garner) made one ‘worldie’ save.

But we grew into what was a difficult game. Then they backed off Aidan (Bennett), inviting him to shoot and he put it in the bottom corner.

It was the first goal they had conceded all season and they definitely wobbled. We came on strong from that point.

Matt Liddaird had a shot tipped on to the bar and immediately afterwards we had two great crosses into their six-yard box that no one could finish.

I really believe that had we got the second goal they would not have come back.

In the second half they did not look like scoring even after we lost Leigh Henry.

He just got in the way of a cross and managed to jar his knee. I think he is out of today's game against Dunstable and we will see about the Bank Holiday Monday match at Banbury.

You need all your leaders on the pitch especially in such a tough game and losing Leigh shook us for a bit.

With Leigh injured and Mark Pritchett, who had just had a baby, not having travelled, we were then without our two regular centre backs when Poole got back in the game They sent on a sub (Luke Roberts) around the hour mark and he was immediately bright and lively and we got a bit overloaded on the left hand side.

Roberts then hit a first time shot right into the top corner – it was a decent goal to be fair.

We were a little unhappy about their second goal as we did not think it went out for the corner from which they scored. So from one up, we were two down.

But credit to the players, they gave it a real go in the last 10 minutes and there were some dangerous balls going into the box that on another day we may have converted.

The effort the lads put in was phenomenal.

We will be looking forward to the reverse game back on our narrow pitch.

One point from the last two games against Corby and Poole does not sound like much but we have played well in both and could have had much more.

They will both be in the mix come the end of the season so I don’t think we are too far away. But we need to start getting points when we meet some of the lesser teams.