A CHARITY wrestling festival held in Cirencester has raised more than £450 for Meninigtis Now.

Grappler Darren Brown, formerly of Cirencester but now based in Swindon, has recently founded the Cirencester Wrestling Federation and put on what he hopes will be an annual show at Deer Park School.

Meningitis is an acute and damaging infection which Brown suffered from as a baby so the charity is close to his heart.

Darren, whose ring name is The Thundercat, was one of 11 wrestlers competing on the seven-match programme and appropriately he came away with a victory and a title belt.

In addition to Darren the wrestlers who took part were: Logan, Vito Cyrus, Mad Tony Cyrus, Mr Brice, Bulldog the Biker, Spyke, Steve Meek, Danny Owens, Nadia Sapphire and Faith Lehaine.