LAST week I wrote about our new competition. I’m keen to hear stories of your catches, and there are monthly prizes to be had.

I’m pleased to report that there is now a prize for the trout anglers among us.

Tim at Lechlade and Bushyleaze Trout Fisheries is offering a parent and child evening ticket on the excellent Bushyleaze Lake – so do get in touch if you think you’ve caught a prize-winning spottie.

My own fishing has, in the last couple of weeks, been rather an anti-climax. Work and other obligations have held sway, but I did manage a day fishing for tench on the lake at Blenheim Palace

It was a disappointing trip, despite the company of Les Darlington, one of my finest fishing friends.

The morning was cold and squally, the afternoon warmer and overcast, and sport was slow. Bites were hard to come by, though not impossible. We didn’t blank, but our return was poor compared to previous years.

What concerned me was the absence of tench-like signs. On most estate waters, including Blenheim, the tench betray their presence as they stir up the bottom, sending up large patches of pin-prick bubbles. In shallow water, they can be seen rolling, or ghosting below the surface as they move on to feed. But on our day out, Les and I saw none of these. It was very strange.

And yet, when I look back in my fishing diary in years to come, I shall remember the day fondly. The swankiness of the setting, the ancient boathouse and well-appointed punts, the excellent company – all added up to a good day out. Our return wouldn’t win either of us any prizes, but we had fun all the same.

On the subject of fun, my visit to Redmire Pool in Herefordshire will, by the time this is published, be just two weeks away. I’ve assembled a small battery of split cane carp rods and acquired a substantial bucket of magic balls from Baitworks, and am as sure as I can be that I will catch a Redmire carp.

With five days and nights to do it, there’s every chance.

I’ll report back upon my return but will be also tweeting updates and photographs from the bank, too. I’m not sure what Walker and BB would make of it, but do look in if that’s your thing.

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