SWINDON restricted world champion Tai Woofinden to just seven points at the Abbey Stadium yet somehow managed to lose to a visiting Wolves side after at one stage leading by 14 points.

Sky Sports Elite League

Swindon Robins 46

Wolverhampton 47

Piotr Pawlicki was the hero for Wolves, winning his last three races; the turning point came in Heat 10 when Pawlicki, on a double-points tactical ride, led the visitors to an 8-1 victory and he then combined with Woofinden to earn a 4-2 advantage in the last-heat decider which snatched victory for the visitors by 47-46.

With a 14-point lead after nine races, the Robins looked set to for a comfortable success yet they collapsed in the closing stages.

It was a hugely disappointing result for Alun Rossiter's men and he was left 'shell shocked' by the defeat.

Rossiter said: "I don't know what happened at all, it was just a complete and utter collapse.

"We started well and looked to be in a good position, then that 8-1 gave them a big boost but we should have easily had enough in the engine room to still come away with the win."

Simon Gustafsson continued his promising run of form to lead the Robins in spectacular style, yet he just missed out on a maximum as he was left trailing in Heat 15.

Skipper Troy Batchelor also put in a strong showing, although he did fade in the latter stages after starting his night with two race wins.

Down at reserve Steve Worrall again impressed while Nathan Greaves added an encouraging 3+2 after some determined racing.

Yet heat leader duo Peter Kildemand and Nick Morris both struggled, and with guest David Bellego failing to score Swindon were narrowly outdone by their inspired opponents.

Swindon: Simon Gustafsson 12, Troy Batchelor 10+1, Steve Worrall 10, Peter Kildemand 6+1, Nick Morris 5+1, Nathan Greaves 3+2, David Bellego 0

Wolverhampton: Piotr Pawlicki 14, Joe Jacobs 8+1, Tai Woffinden 7+1, Ty Proctor 6+1, Jacob Thorssell 6+1, Ricky Wells 5+2, Lewis Rose 1+1

Elite League points: Swindon 0 Wolverhampton 3