THE first week of the Cirencester Table Tennis summer league started on the Monday before Easter with two leagues operating.

Table Tennis

Cirencester Table Tennis League

The early front runners are as follows:

Divison One

Chester (Keith Wand & Nick Mathew) 5pts

Nomads B (Mark Hobbs & Paul Kimber) 5pts

Nomads C (John Carter & Trevor Dukes) 3pts

Players with 100 per cent so far: Ben Glover, John Carter, Mark Hobbs, Paul Kimber, Keith Wand, Nick Mathews

Division Two

Sheepscombe (Chris Jenkins & Martin McKay) 5pts

ADH Demons CS (Oktaka Clempt & Roman Kuzma) 4pts

OP Hybrid (Anton Barnet & Joe White) 4pts

Players with 100 per cent so far: Chris Jenkins, Martin McKay, Oktaka Clempt, Anton Barnet, Jo White, Craig Williams.

Teams with 100 per cent in the doubles so far:

Division One: Randwick Exiles, Nomads B, Nomads C, Chester

Division Two: OP Hybrid, Sheepscombe, Chedworth, ADH Demons CS

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