THE first match of the outdoor bowling season, was a mixed friendly against Sir Thomas Rich’s of Gloucester, resulting in the visitors coming out on top.

Cirencester Bowling Club

Mixed Friendly

Cirencester lost to Sir Thomas Rich's

Rink 1: Malcolm Hunt, John Farrant, Dawn Rowlands and Skip Colin Neal lost by four.

Rink 2: Roz Gilbert, Vince Page, Cynthia Brett, and Skip Ian Church lost by six

Rink 3: Jenny Farrant, Eddie Perrettson, David Mold and Skip John Barrett won by four

Rink 4: Pat Brett, Wendy Perrettson, Roy Archer and Skip Mike Pallister lost by eight

Rink 5: Geoff Gilbert, Alan Brett, Chris Rowles and Skip Ted Matthews lost by nine.

THIS week the lady members celebrate the 90th birthday of former president Georgina Elliott, with a tea party in the club house.

Georgina is a long-standing member of the club, reliable contributor to league teams and a great supporter of the friendly matches as well as being a county player for Gloucestershire on many occasions.