Dorset & Wilts Div Two North

Colerne 3

Cricklade 10

CRICKLADE are just one point behind second-placed Avonvale in the table after this hard-fought victory at Colerne.

As had been the case in the reverse fixture there was a great deal of endeavour and desire from both sides.

However, neither team appeared able to open up the play and many passes went astray resulting in team lines rarely being threatened.

As time passed the visitors started to get the upper hand, but it was scrappy and Colerne proved resolute.

The breakthrough eventually came when Craig Gardiner burst through from short range; Mills' attempt at the conversion was whipped away by the strong cross wind. Colerne put pressure on for the remainder of the half but Cricklade were always stronger.

The second half was much the same as the first with plenty of pressure from the home side. This finally paid off when Cricklade unnecessarily gave away a penalty in front of their own posts which Colerne happily converted.

Possession shuttled back and forth and penalty followed penalty without any clear openings for either team, but the physicality of the game was draining Colerne.

They were just a bit slower, just a bit less determined and a bit less disciplined.

A penalty eventually came Cricklade’s way which was taken quickly. Stuart Johnston carried the ball past numerous defenders before shipping it left to Dan Bown, who had a clear run in; the wind again spoiled the kick.

So Cricklade had their win, but not as emphatically as they would have liked.