"IN THE first half we played well and it was the best we've passed the ball in terms of getting midfield players forward.

"Kev Davies was outstanding on the right. We put some quality balls in but didn't get on the end of them.

"Snaky had a chance after only two minutes when he cut inside and took a couple touches too many.

"They had good players but we gave them very limited opportunities in the first half.

In the second half, they were getting in at will. We stopped passing the ball and they started doing that better.

"We just went' for whatever reason and it is up to me to find out why. It was a hot day, but it was the same for both teams "The thing that disappointed me most was the reaction after their first goal. For 10 minutes we'd gone and you can't be like that. My teams are not going to be like that.

"You can't throw in the towel. You have to roll your sleeves up and get on with it.

"Tuesday night against Highworth is now a much more important game because the players need to show me a reaction.

"It would have been a similar squad to the Pewsey game but everyone is going to report now.

"After a second-half performance like that, it's not just a striker that's my top priority. It's made me rethink a couple of other issues.

"I've still got six lads who are waiting to find out (if they have deals) and we'll know after Tuesday. There are six places in the squad to fill. I envisage a very busy week on the phone.

"We need another couple of bodies to freshen it up before Bristol Rovers."