MORETON’S Marathon Man extraordinaire Steve Edwards took another step closer to his goal in Gloucester on Sunday.

Edwards aims to run his 500th sub-3hr 30min marathon by the time of his 50th birthday at the end of November.

He ticked off another in the Gloucester Marathon with a respectable time of 3:11.51, leaving 29 to do.

Despite its punishing schedule Steve hopes the Enigma Quadzilla in Milton Keynes will ease the burden – if that can be said of a test that requires runners to race four marathons in as many days. “Gloucester was quite tough on parts of the course with the wind so I was very happy to go well under 3:15,” said Steve.

“I have now managed to get a place in the Enigma Quadzilla starting on February 9, which is basically four marathons in four days.

“They also do a series of marathons throughout the year so this could mean a chance to try and get the job done earlier than anticipated.

“Of course, doing the Quadzilla still means running them all inside the target time, but even if I can get two or three out of the way, that will be a massive bonus.”