Trips to either end of the Fosse Way have shown that Forest Green can play football but have also shown that results do not automatically occur. Goals have to be scored and only one player seems capable of doing that.

A spirited first half at Exeter before the inevitable abandonment was a welcome bounce back after the Carlisle surrender and a point or more could have been earned at Lincoln had it not been for the now statutory defensive error.

To visit Lincoln now is a revelation. Three years ago you seemed to be witnessing the dying throes of a once fine football club. Not now! The Cowley trotters have revitalised the team and also the city. Nearly 9,000 fans turned up on Saturday. They were far from silent.

Lincoln play an in your face brand of football. No quarter is asked or given and the faint hearted will not survive against them.

Inspired by another fine Christian Doidge goal, Rovers played good football and earned many friends by so doing. Unfortunately just the one goal resulted and with Lincoln scoring twice, no points were earned. Good football is all very well but unless goals result, it is to no avail.

This is why we are bottom of the table. In truth we have limped along throughout this calendar year using Christian Dodge's goals as a crutch.

At Wembley the managers tactical acumen,Christian's scoring ability, plus the pace of Woolery allowed us to grasp the Holy Grail of promotion! Fortunatley the Christian crutch is still with us as we are still limping. There have been some spirited displays, notably at Notts County and Coventry but our league position remains perilous.

Manager Mark is honest and accurate in assessing his squad, admitting the he has perhaps eight good players and is hoping to sign seven or eight more. Dayle Grubb and Alex Whittle we already know about other names are eagerly awaited.

Is Mark Cooper the man to take us forward? My view is yes. He was the man who engineered our Wembley triumph and in so doing deserves an full season following that victory.

What's happening at Kingsholm. Our rugby club now hold a healthy position in the premiership. After seasons of inconsistency results are much improved. My rugby source speaking about Saturday's victory over Sale was not overjoyed. "Poor game, ref ruined it for both sides" was his gloomy comment. At least they won. He doesn't know how lucky he is!

The recent Cirencester old Grammarians newsletter brought the new of the death of Dennis "Buttons" Stevens, probably the best all-round sportsman of my spell at the school. Ray Wymen pushes him close but Dennis, gaining his colours in soccer, rugger and cricket just shades it.

Although in the cricket XI with him for three seasons and the soccer XI for one embarrassing game I did not know Dennis very well. Perhaps I was in awe of his sporting talent. He would have graced the Town in all three sports but I do not think he played apart from at school which was a pity. R.I.P. Buttons. I shall always remember you bowling us to victory against the old boys in 1958 - a rare event.

Now an apology. Secretary of Cirencester Town Cricket Club is not Gerald Wilkinson but is Tom Fullalove who is also the teams formidable opening bowler. Sorry Tom - I put my mistake down to far too much Christmas spirit.

I close by wishing alll cotswold sporting people a Happy New Year. Penny and I are of course remaining loyal and will be watching Forest Green play Wycombe on New Year's Day itself. Three points won will be a wonderful way to start 2018 following that three more against Port Vale. It is possible isn't it?