PAM AYRES proved the big winner at the Cirencester Bowling Club's Finals Weekend when she collected three titles – the Ladies' Two and Four Wood Singles as well as the Mr and Mrs Competition with husband Alan.


Cirencester Bowling Club


Friday, August 29

Geoff Clack Trophy

Winner: Vera Sinnott; R/Up: Alan Ayers

Saturday, August 30

Ladies' Vets Singles

Winner: Vera Sinnott; R/Up: Catherine Hazell

Men's Vets Singles

Winner: Derek Porch; R/Up: Brian Read

Mr and Mrs Competition

Winners: Pam and Alan Ayers; R/Up: Andrea and David Clark

Mixed Pairs

Winners: Liz Higgs/Ian Church; R/Up: Pam Ayers/Roger Righton

Men's Singles Handicap

Winner: Steve Cansdale; R/Up: Martin Risby

Men's Pairs

John Barrett/Peter Cottey: R/Up: Chris Rowles/Mike Pallister

Sunday, August 31

Ladies' Pairs

Winners: Catherine Hazell/Dawn Rowlands: R/Up: Kathie Cottey/Pat Read

Men's Two Wood Singles

Winner: Jim Luce; R/up: Nigel Cansdale

Ladies' Two Wood Singles

Winner: Pam Ayers; R/Up: Vera Sinnott

Mixed Two Wood Pairs

Winners: Roy Archer/David Mold; R/Up: Vera Sinnott/John Barrett

Ladies' Four Wood Singles

Winner: Pam Ayers; R/Up: Cynthia Brett

Men's Four Wood Singles

Winner: Nigel Cansdale; R/Up: Martin Risby.

Hagborne beat Cirencester Mixed

Rink 1 – Terry Tipper, Roy Archer and skip Pat Read lost by three

Rink 2 – Tony Blane, David Mold and skip Liz Higgs lost by nine

Rink 3 – Wendy Perrettson, Peter Cottey and skip Sue Dyer won by one

Rink 4 – Bill Caldwell, Kathie Cottey and skip Brian Read lost by nine

Rink 5 – Vera Sinnott, Eddie Perrettson and skip Alan Ayers lost by 11.