STEVE MOLLART and Andy Cook are the only players to maintain 100 per cent records (with the most games played) in the early stages of the new Division One league season.

Table Tennis

Cirencester Three Star Club at Deer Park School

Plenty of players are showing early form in both divisions although it will be some weeks before the tables fully settle down.

Division One

Randwick Exiles (Andy Hurley, Nick Watts) 13pts

Nomads A (Tom Watmore, Steve Mollart, Dave Greaney)

Nomads B (Mark Hobbs, Paul Kimber) 10pts

Players with 100 per cent records: Steve Mollart, Andy Cook

Division Two

ADH Demons CS (Otakar Klempt, Roman Kuzma) 11pts

Sheepscombe (Chris Jenkins, Martin McKay) 11pts

OP Hybrid (Anton Barnett, Joe White) 10pts

Players with 100 per cent: Otakar Klempt

Teams with 100 per cent record in the doubles

Division One: Randwick Exiles, Wanderers, Nomads A.

Division Two: ADH Demons CS, Nomads E

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