A SOUTH West charity is targeting local footballers in an all-out effort to ram home the message that testicular cancer is a potential killer that can be tackled.

Aided by a 'fantastic' £2,000 donation by the Gloucestershire FA, campaigners from It’s in the Bag have the region’s football clubs in its sights in an attempt to raise awareness about the disease.

It's in the Bag was set up a few years ago to offer specialist advice and support to people who have contracted testicular cancer,

One former local leagues player, Jon Baker, a 46-year-old who lives in Thornbury, has come through treatment for testicular cancer and is now an active fundraiser and campaigner for It's in the Bag and its ‘small but very devoted team’.

Fuelled by the Gloucestershire FA (GFA) backing, and that of many other welcome hand-outs, It’s in the Bag is now embarking upon a major awareness campaign which it is calling ‘Match Fit’.

“Our message is perfectly simple – check your ‘balls’ once a month and if you find something unusual, go and see your GP immediately," said Jon. "If you check yourself frequently you’ll soon establish what ‘normal’ is, meaning anything which suddenly feels different will hit you straight away.

“The GFA have been extremely helpful, not least in allowing us to utilise their contacts to get the message out there. I can’t thank them enough for their generous support.”

Anyone wishing to know more about It’s in the Bag can visit its website at www.itsinthebag.org.uk or email jonathonbaker.iitb@gmail.com.