AS the water temperatures go up and the fish feed harder so the pleasure anglers are catching large bags in almost any swim, mostly to banded pellet up in the water with a little and often feed.


Ridgway Lakes

The fish are coming into the edge more and more in late afternoon, early evening.


Sid's Tuesday Club - April 27

1, Sid Webb (66lb 14oz) on White 15; 2, Malcolm Fitzgerald (63lb 2oz) on White 10; 3, Roger Giles (62lb 12oz) on Blue 5

Section win

Art Kemble (43lb 6oz) on White

Wednesday Club – April 28

1, John Magoo (203lb 2oz); 2, Justin Ogbourne (145lb 6oz); 3, Mark Ogbourne (129lb 2oz)

Section wins

Paul Ogbourne – 125lb 3oz; A Clark (91lb 8oz)

Saturday Open – May 3

1, Mick Lane (157lb 12oz); 2, Alan Smith (134lb 8oz); 3, Laurie Lang (129lb 12oz); 4, Rich Strange (126lb 8oz)

Section wins

Vince Shipp (121lb) on White; John Walker (109lb) on Blues

Bank Holiday Open – May 5

1, Des Shipp (294lb 4oz); 2, Chris Davis (213lb 8oz); 3, Jamie Dixey (148lb 4oz).

Section wins: Chris Cotrell (147lb) on Red; Ryan Shipp (147lb 8oz) on Green.