CIRENCESTER recorded their first win of the season when the ladies beat Nailsworth, but the mixed teams had suffered two further friendly losses to Swindon County and Fairford prior to that success.

Cirencester Bowling Club

Swindon County BC beat Cirencester Mixed

Rink 1 – Tony Blane, Eddie Perrettson and Skip John Barrett won by three. Rink 2 – Wendy Perrettson, Cynthia Brett and Skip Sue Dyer lost by five. Rink 3 – Terry Tipper, Alan Parker and Skip Graham Hibberd won by three. Rink 4 – Allan Brett, Maggie Edney and Skip Marion Hammond lost by seven. Rink 5 – Les Andrews, Roy Archer and Skip Roger Righton drew.

Cirencester Mixed lost to Fairford

Rink 1 – Les Andrews, Alan Parker, Dawn Rowlands and skip Liz Higgs lost by one. Rink 2 – Tony Blane, Eddie Perrettson, Colin Neal and Skip Jim Luce won by 10. Rink 3 – Sue Neal, Vince Page, MikeBarker/Cynthia Brett and Skip Ted Matthews won by two. Rink 4 – Malcolm Hunt, Maggie Edney, Marion Hammond and Skip Sue Dyer lost by 13. Rink 5 – Pat Brett, John Barrett, David Mold and Skip Roger Righton lost by three.

Nailsworth lost to Cirencester Ladies

Rink 1 – Roz Gilbert, Cynthia Brett and Skip Marian Hammon won by six. Rink 2 – Irene Hawkins, Maggie Edney and Skip Sue Dyer lost by two. Rink 3 – Dawn Rowlands, Jenny Berry and Skip Liz Higgs won by two.