Ridgway Lakes

PLEASURE anglers continue to catch large bags of carp on banded pellet fished up in the water. Also large numbers of silver fish are showing to red maggots.

Day tickets are available everyday from 7am from the Café.


Sid's Tuesday Club: 1, Roger Giles (78lb 8oz) on White 17; 2, David Keen (77lb) on White 1; 3, Barry Jenkins (61lb) on Blue 1; 4, M Fitzgerald (51lb) on Blue 17.

Wednesday Club: 1, Wayne Parker (194lb) on Green 11; 2, Fred Parker (171lb) on Red 10; 3, Mark Ogbourne (168lb) on Green 19; 4, John Magoo (126lb) on Red 13.

The Saturday Open (24 anglers fished): 1, Vince Shipp (213lb) on Blue 1; 2, Adrian Davis (186lb); on White 13; 3, Andy Dixie (184lb 8oz) on White 8; 4, Wayne Parker (151lb 12oz) on White 1.

Section wins : Martin Iles (78lb 8oz) on Blue; Darren Fordham (118lb 8oz) on White.

Monday Open ( 21 anglers fished): 1, Jamie Dixie ( 241lb 4oz) on Blue 4; 2, Sam Nobbs (151lb 8oz) on Blue 1; 3, Des Shipp (146lb 4oz); on Blue 10; 4, Martin Iles (137lb 8oz) on White 14.

Section wins: Chris Davis (128lb 8oz) on Blue; Andy Dixie (135lb 4oz) on White.