WEIGHTS have really taken off in the last week, including some very good catches in the Open on Saturday.

Ridgway Lakes

Wednesday Club – April 9

1, Justin Ogbourne (139lb on White 17); 2, Gary Davis (91lb on White 14); 3, Jon Morgan (79lb on Blue 17).

Intake Club – April 11

1, M Fitzgerald (128lb on Red 16); 2, J Morgan (117lb on Red 18); 3, R Cope (95lb on Green 11)

Section wins

A Clark – 71lb on Reds

I Garner – 67lb on Greens

The Saturday Open – April 12

1, Chris David (361lb 8oz on Green 4); 2, Vince Major (220lb on Green 6); 3, Jamie Dixey (185lb 8oz on Red 1)

Section wins

Vince Shipp – 178lb 4oz on Reds

Wayne Parker – 177lb 8oz on Greens

New Century Club – April 13

1, Justin Ogbourne (130lb on White 12); 2, Paul Ogbourne (128lb 4oz on Blue 19); 3, John Magoo (102lb 2oz on White 17)

Section wins

Mark Taylor – 95lb 8oz on Whites

Richard Bailey – 53lb 10oz on Blues

North Wilts Match Club – April 13

1, Jeremy Benson (152lb 2oz on Red 1); 2, Paul Dressler (45lb 12oz Red 3); 3, Andy Matlock (27lb 14oz on Red 11).

Most clubs are always looking for extra anglers so if you fancy a go, call the onsite Waterside Café for more details on 01285 860412. Day tickets are available every day from 7am from the café.