WHAT A weekend it’s been. I only got back home to Malmesbury yesterday after competing at Losail in Qatar where I raced in the World Moto3 Motorcycling Championship.

I’m 20, one of the younger riders in the class, and I was really fired up as I had a brilliant pre-season.

Unfortunately, no matter how much prep you do, racing is pretty much down to what happens on the day and I didn’t perform to the best of my abilities, finishing in the middle of the pack in 13th.

Still, it’s an incredibly exciting time for me and this is only my fourth year in the World Championships. I’m really going to push things to the next level at my next big race in Austin, Texas (April 13).

There are three classes that make up the Moto GP World Championships – the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. I ride the Moto3 250cc class in the official Red Bull Husqvarna AJO Racing team.

I have grown up in an environment surrounded by bikes so it’s no wonder I got involved in racing. My dad and uncles had motocross bikes and introduced me to them from an early age. My very first bike was a motocross bike and I would still have been riding motocross to this day if my dad hadn't been involved in a big crash.

After that incident, I ended up moving to Mini Moto when it caught my eye at a local go-karting track. After my first ride on one I was hooked and ended up racing in the Outdoor Championships and slowly but surely made my way through the ranks . . . until today.

Just thinking ahead, I’m really optimistic about getting good results for the road team this year and hope I can ride well in Texas.

Fortunately for me I have a great team, an excellent bike and a caring supportive family behind me to help keep me focused and achieve my goals.