THE third Blackminster Half Marathon took place on the first warm and sunny weekend of the year and the heat was on for those Bourton Roadrunners taking part, as this event forms part of their club competition series.

Bourton Roadrunners

Blackminster Half Marathon

The race follows a single loop, with some hills thrown in to test fitness and mental fortitude.

Lucy Walmsley stayed with the leaders for the majority of the race, finishing third lady in 1:29.34. Mike Hobbs was hot in her heels in 1:29.54. Neil Teague was next in (1:35.56), ahead of Niamh Shoemark (1:39.24), Rob Humphris (1:42.12) and Chris Dry, who was close to a PB with 1:42.20.

Other Bourton finishers were: John Gibson (1:42.35), Steph Holton in 1:42:26 (second FV50 in her first race in that category), Pauline Teague in 1:47.05 (third FV50), Susan Hunt (1:48.17), Dave Turnbull (1:48.42), Brian Hulcup (1:52.41), Jan Short (1:54.28), Graham Lane (1:56.13), Andy McCoombes (1:57.17), Dave Pyne (1:58.57), Lynn Hudson (2:03.57), Shirley Creed (2:05.06), Ed Rozier (2:10.18) and Gary Holton (2:15.36).

Gloucester 20

MANY of the Bourton Roadrunners taking part in the Gloucester 20 were using it as part of their build-up to spring marathons.

The race is also in the Gloucestershire County Road Race series and Bourton's own club competition.

Once again, conditions were very favourable for supporters but a little warm for the runners, who have become used to training in wet and windy weather.

Darren Long finished first for Bourton in 2:14.08 and Shona Crombie-Hicks was fifth lady and second LV40 in 2:20.09.

Next came Ewen Smith (2:28.55), Claire Harrison (2:46.31), John Gibson (2:48.15), Steph Holton (2:51.12), Niamh Shoemark(2:51.12), Chris Dry (2:54.13), Catherine Wheeler (2:58.03), Jan Short (second LV55 in 3:04.25), Liz Hulcup (third LV60 in 3:06.00) and Lynn Hudson (3:17.05).