NEW Swindon Robins signing Eddie Kennett hit double figures in the inaugural Monster Energy Speedway Invitational in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Kennett, who has joined the Robins from Coventry, carded ten points in a meeting won by former Bees man Billy Janniro, who edged out 2011 world champion Greg Hancock.

Hans Andersen, fresh from leading the Blunsdon side to Elite League title glory in October, scored seven points.

Former Robin Scott Nicholls scored 11, but another one-time Blunsdon rider Maciej Janowski found the going tough with just three.

Kennett has vowed to return for the event next year after 5,000 fans created a brilliant atmosphere.

He said: “I started really slowly but I got dialled in and I felt really good after that. I like the small tracks and I was enjoying myself, it was good fun.

"I was second in my semi and pretty comfortable, too, but then my bike gave up on me and that was that. I was gutted because I would have been the only European guy to make the final.

"I’m pleased overall but I would have loved to get on the podium.

“I love it over here so I definitely want to come back in 2013."

Result: 1st – Billy Janniro (18pts); 2nd - Greg Hancock (14); 3rd - Ricky Wells (17); 4th - Billy Hamill (13).

Other scores: Scott Nicholls 11, Charlie Venegas 10, Edward Kennett 10, Antonio Lindback 8, Bryan Yarrow 7, Hans Andersen 7, Tyson Burmeister 6, Austin Novratil (reserve) 6, Freddie Lindgren 4, Maciej Janowski 3, Tomasz Gollob 1, Jim Fishback 1, Rocco Scopellite (reserve) 1, Gino Manzares 1.