SIR William Romney’s school in Tetbury played host to pupils from other local schools for the annual mini United Nations debate.

Year 10 students from Malmesbury and Westonbirt Schools arrived ready to tackle the big issues of the day, including the international financial crisis and deepening problems in the Middle East.

Students were assigned a country that they had to represent at a simulated General Assembly.

They were expected to research their country, prepare policy statements, debate and vote upon issues from the perspective of their country.

Year 10 Sir William Romney’s student Katryna Abel said: “The mini UN was a useful and enjoyable day for us. We had to use multiple skills to debate passionately on global issues.

“It opened my eyes to the problems that this world faces and highlighted that by sitting down and calmly discussing the issues they can be resolved.”

Tanith Lynham, head of personal development at Sir William Romney’s said: “The event provided an ideal opportunity for young people to learn about international relations and to gain a better sense of what a varied and fascinating world we live in. It gave students a ‘hands on’ experience with skills such as communication, negotiation tactics, and conflict prevention.”

She continued: “The event was a huge success and the students from all schools rose to this daunting challenge well.”