MALMESBURY School students put their cooking talents to good use to help spread the Fairtrade message.

Some 23 Year 7 and Year 8 pupils entered the Big Fairtrade Bake competition, choosing a Fairtrade product to bake.

Each product was topped off with a flag conveying a Fairtrade message.

The winner was Year 7 student Dominic Evans, 12 whose Fairtrade message was ‘I Promise to try and eat Fairtrade products wherever and whenever I can.’ Dominic produced a cake in the shape of the Fairtrade logo, using the Fairtrade colours.

Fairtrade co-ordinator at Malmesbury School Samantha Doyle said: “The bake off was a huge success, the students pushed themselves to create wonderful and unique cakes of a very high standard.

"The two judges we had were very positive about the whole experience with constructive comments. This type of event is perfect in helping spread the word of Fairtrade, each student nominated a person to give their cake to which made sure that even outside of the school we are making a difference.”

In joint second place were Saoirse Maher and Orla Garrihy and Celina Sutton took third place.