IT WAS a lovely day on Monday. I walked into the park cutting right off the main drive to head through the woods up to the ewe pens. So peaceful.

Nearing the farm, I couldn’t believe it – a fox crossed my path, sweating, tongue lolling, running for its life closely followed by a group of baying hounds, noses to the ground, clearly on its trail. A horn sounded and inevitably creatures on horseback appeared all dressed up to the nines and also in pursuit.

I have never seen a hunt before and I’m not ashamed to say it really upset me. In fact I found it sickening. I know nothing of the twisted rules regarding hunting but I thought it was illegal to chase down a fox.

They regrouped at the farm and I was able to ask what they intended to do. I was told they were relaying a trail. I mentioned the fox. Apparently the hounds had wrongly picked up its scent! I noted that the huntsman never made eye contact whilst talking to me.

I am proud to say I won’t ever understand the warped mentality of those involved. What goes around comes around. Their time will come. They, too, will be hounded.

SUE DUNCAN Cirencester