MR LESTER (Standard, April 12) is right to be worried about young cyclists, if the rate of cyclist mortality on the roads is anything to go by, and would do well to return to the Highway Code, as we all should. The Highway Code does not discriminate between any road user – pedestrian, cyclist, horse rider, biker or motorist. All have the right to use the highway.

It is not illegal to ride two abreast; many feel it makes us cyclists more conspicuous, but it is recommended to ride in single file in heavy traffic. If these children were under supervision, the instructor should have been to the rear of the group giving any hand signals if safe to do so. The road user in front, no matter how slow, should always have priority.

It is to Mr Lester’s credit that he gave these children the space and time to complete their manoeuvre. If only all road users were so careful – we only have to read the main article on page five of the same publication to realise that the law is far too lenient on road users that cause death by careless driving.

JEREMY BONNER Abbey House Cirencester