IN RECENT weeks there have been a number of letters deploring the state of the town and the prevalence of litter. Whilst it may be the case that there are areas that could still benefit from being tidied up more regularly, I would like to express my thanks to everyone who turned out in the Chesterton area for our organised litter pick on Saturday, March 24.

We targeted the usual areas of open recreation spaces (including the Amphitheatre) the main service roads around the estate and the Chesterton Farm bridleways, Mount Street and the footpath to Meadow Road. There is still an issue with fly tipping and with dog owners leaving dog mess in bags throughout the area and it was disappointing that having cleared the teen shelter area in the morning, a lunch time ‘party’ left the field strewn with crisp packets and pop bottles; no real harm, just a thoughtless act.

On the whole however, the overwhelming impression by everyone who attended was that the litter problem was not as bad as it has been in the past, so a ‘well done’ to both local residents and to the authorities for helping to make a difference.

Also, there are a growing number of residents who are prepared to give their time (throughout the year) to picking up litter and the overall situation shows what can be done if people take a pride in their locality. I am not advocating that this should replace the statutory bodies but, if everybody did a bit and better still, took their rubbish home with them in the first place, then overall perhaps we really would see a cleaner town.

PETER LANGMAN Chairman The Chesterton Community Project