THERE has been much criticism of the Cotswold District Council (justifiable!) in your columns recently regarding the introduction of Sunday and evening charges at the Brewery Car Park in Cirencester. May I be the first to congratulate them on their decision to reject the proposal to build a 25-metre wind turbine at Northleach.

It has been well documented that these ‘blots on the landscape’ are ridiculously inefficient and even the odd times they work they provide the most expensive electricity available. The only ones benefiting are those who have the turbines sited on their land, through the payments made to them for any power fed into the grid.

So for once – well done CDC.

May I also respectfully point out to Cllr Margaret Rickman – quoted in your column as saying ‘You’ve got to realise things are changing’ – she is right they are, but not in the direction she is thinking.

There has been no evidence of any increase in world temperature for the last 15 years, and there is an increasing belief among independent climate scientists that natural climate temperature cycles, clouds and solar radiation have more influence on the climate than any CO2 emissions.

G E BRAZIER Cirencester