THREE cheers for Chris Hanks of South Cerney who wrote a letter of praise for the regenerated Market Place in Cirencester (Letters, March 16). 

My prediction is that once this year’s tourist season has got under way there will be many plaudits for the Market Place from visitors to the town. 

Chris Hanks’s letter was in stark contrast to that of another letter in the same edition. 

That writer complained that “What has been done is discriminatory, it denies disabled people access to the Market Place”.

I regard that complaint as wholly unjustified and ridiculous. It is another example of the “constant complaining, carping and criticism” mentioned by Chris Hanks.

There seem to be many people living in and around Cirencester who claim to be disabled, immobile or inconvenienced and who selfishly demand that the pleasure and convenience of the vast majority be subjugated to their every whim and desire.

Of course an appropriate measure of consideration must be given to the truly disabled and immobile but that should not mean that they can dictate to the rest of the world.