I UNDERSTAND that a new schools funding formula is being introduced by the government and as a result St Mary’s CEVA primary school in Tetbury is to have its funding cut by 1.7 per cent, amounting to a loss of more than £18,000. 

The reason I am writing is that two of my four grandchildren attend St Mary’s.

I know the school well, it is a lovely school with dedicated, committed staff and both my grandsons are extremely happy there. 

I want them to continue to receive the very best education that the state can provide.

The most precious resource of any country is its people and if we want to remain a leading nation then our people need the very best education available. 

This must start at primary school level.

If we let primary school children down educationally, we run the very real risk that they will never reach their full potential and this country will be the poorer in every respect.

I understand that school budgets are already cut to the bone and that without additional funding schools will struggle to recruit enough staff, many will have to cut staff, cut the subjects they teach, cut IT upgrades, increase class sizes, cut the maintenance of classrooms and cut extracurricular activities. 

What message does this send out to the rest of the world?

More importantly, what message does it sent out to our own young people?

I fully understand that we are living in austere times and that sacrifices need to be made but if we are to play our full part in the world in the future it is our duty to educate the next generation to the very best of our ability.

The government must put the needs of our children and grandchildren first.