Onion - Moorland - Antelope or Chive?

Well that’s your choice according to the Cotswold Design Code.

Not sure what colour a new estate I had occasion to visit today was as it appeared to be in that dull greenish khaki that goes grey over time.

One of the key words in the code is harmony.

Looking at the whole estate I think they mean uniformity - it looked like an up market gulag.

A rather drear sameness.

Well it is harmonious in the sense that it is just singing one note.

What’s missing from the code is any sense of harmonising new estates with the landscape in which they are set.

Not a tree in sight - doesn’t ‘harmonise’ say with the Croft for example.
I think the planning department needs to examine their rulebook certainty. 

The result is anything but harmony with our rural setting.